TC for Shoes is made in Basque Country and is a trademark of ACHACLIP Ltd. 

Achaclip LTD has created TC for shoes, a new generation of heel protectors. Its products are now sold worldwide and benefit from internatianal trademarks, and copyright. .

The company :
Pharisier Anne Marie , a young woman from the Basque Country, with Jean Claude Belivier and Hervé Burgue in partnership with Monique Manuel has created these new accessories. TC for shoes are made in the Basque Country , at the french spanish border.
The company has 3 offices, one in Biarritz (France), London and Madrid.  



My BLUE SHOES: it all started with my blue shoes. Beautiful, with laces and a brooch jewelry, my favorite shoes of summer 2008.


June 2008: I'm shopping and I found these shoes, in one eye shot, they were mine or rather for me. Great deal, the price to € 19.90 does not make me hesitate one second.
But after 3 days of wearing, I have to go to repair heels. Visit to the cobbler for two small pieces of plastic (yes ladies, there is almost no rubber),  12 €, I can finally put my beautiful shoes.


Three weeks later, nasty surprise, I must return to the shoemaker. I had to wear them at all and for all, 7 days. I complain, but I'm worth it, go  for 12€ more for my beautiful pumps!


One morning in August, 10 days after the visit to the cobbler, I think about the outfit I was going to wear for an evening with friends. I decide to put my blue shoes, and there, to my surprise, the heel was already damaged! I had already spent € 24, so we had yet to return, or 36 € for a pair of heels to € 19.90, and the summer season is not over.


That morning, I decided to find a solution: I take a pen cap fluo I cut to the size of the heel, put some dough at the end to close it, and Eureka, TC for shoes was designed.
After a gestation of three and a half years and 10 prototypes, April 14, 2012, TC for shoes is finally born!






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